Sunday, August 31, 2014


Charles and I spend a great deal of time today organizing.  We had cleaned out the garage a few weeks ago and now began on the closets, relegating our linen to a stack in an old television cabinet and using the linen closet for a craft and science supply space.  Mr. Science (a.k.a. Charles) had been stacking his science teaching supplies in a corner between classes and that wasn't working too well... and since he ordered some cool new stuff, it was time.

I also went through all of the State of California learning objective standards for the third and fifth grades, plus some other standards I thought might be interesting, updated our paperwork to keep our homeschool legal, and organized books for initial curriculum options.  (I feel sorry for whomever had to write these standards, which we use to make sure we aren't forgetting anything.)

Felt good to get organized, even if my plans are a bit optimistic in terms of what I hope to accomplish: I'm hoping to add art, philosophy, and anatomy to our regular basics (reading, writing, math, history, literature, religion, Spanish), plus both girls are taking classes in theater/Greek mythology, engineering, and chess and K will have a public speaking class.  I'm excited about merging our ongoing CA history plans with some US History, which has always been a favorite topic of mine.  Now we'll see where this academic year's journey takes us!

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