Monday, August 11, 2014

St. Dominic's Young Adult Group's Silver Jubilee

A lovely mass and celebration; wonderful to see old friends and glad so many could come.  Letters of congratulations came from many sources, but it was this paragraph in one from Father Mark Padrez of the Province of the Holy Name (a former YAG member) that captured most what I miss in my life and value about this community:

"... it is the collective Catholic witness that the Young Adult Group offers that is most needed in our society.  Today more young adults [and people of all ages!] need to see that the Church is alive and joyful with people who believe in Christ and the Church.  The Church gives value and direction in life at a time when so many are searching for meaning.  The Young Adult Group by their example as a community powerfully demonstrates that we need community and that community confirms and uplifts each individual to answer the Lord's call to love and be loved and to serve others."


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