Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Bench Painting

We decided that since it was Monday, we would start back into some semblance of a routine.  I got up at my normal terribly early hour (you don't want to know), worked for about three and a half hours before taking the puppy for a jog, then got the girls up to play some quick soccer drills in the park before starting on chores and breakfast. 

They were not particularly thrilled, though G was an especially enthusiastic sport about it, eager to get to the academics.  We covered reading, writing, language arts, and math and I was very please that despite being quite negligent about academics over the summer, both girls picked up with their math right where we left off.  All that hard work last spring paid off, though I told Charles it was likely because of their brilliant teacher.  :-)  We also introduced the history we'd be covering over the term with key dates and some geography/map review, watched an informative video about the periodic table of the elements, and reintroduced ourselves to our online Spanish language learning program (also sadly neglected over the summer).

But enough is enough and it is a holiday after all so we headed to my parents' house for visit and dinner.  Someone gave them a housewarming bench that is meant to be painted and so my mom devised a mural-like organizational pattern with one-sixth of the bench for each grandchild to paint a camping scene upon.  K chose our campsite in Markleville, where we had been in June with my mom and G first opted for a backpacking picture, then went for a tent and campfire scene.  It made me reflect with gratitude on how lucky they are to have so many outdoor adventures to call upon; each very inexpensive adventures that have made us very rich in the ways that most count.

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