Saturday, September 6, 2014

Soccer Opening Day

I've never had soccer players before!  I think they were both a bit nervous; K has had but one practice and G none.  But they both did really well.  Unfortunately, both played at the same time, so each of us got to see only one game. 

I got to go to G's, hence the photos above.  It was awesome to see her play and the pictures capture why - her determined face, her smile as she plays... plus what photos could not capture, her good-natured cheering for her teammates even as she ran, kicked, and blocked.  What a kid!  I am so proud of the lovely, determined, strong, happy, independent person that she is.

I did hate having to miss K's game though, especially as I knew that she was nervous.  (When we pray before dinner, I ask the girls to name something that they are grateful for that day.  K had said on Wednesday, "I'm grateful that I'm not the only one on my team who has never played soccer before.")  But she did great, kicking three goals before being asked by the coach not to kick any more because they were ahead of the other team by too much.   I think she was pretty pleased with herself for that.  Can't wait to see her in action!

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