Friday, September 5, 2014

Valle Verde Returns

Another great day playing outside.  I left my camera in the car, so these photos are actually of the day before, when we found a very unusually friendly and young squirrel in the park.  But both were outdoor adventures, one fascinating (pictures below) and one relaxing and fun (VV).  Thanks to Jacki for sharing her fun on both days with us!

As for the squirrel, thanks to a project one of my students did, I knew that the local humane society also took care of squirrels, so we called.  This was clearly a young squirrel with no instincts yet to avoid humans - it kept approaching each of us and it almost looked like it was seeking a mom.  The person at the humane society said that we should leave it alone and let its mother find it, that she was probably nearby searching for food.  The part is indeed full of squirrels!  So we did, though it followed our group through the park and almost back to our next class.  We're keeping our eye out for it now, though realistically it either found its mother or has succummed to the dangers of suburban night life (of which there are a surprising number, given the encounters we've had with snakes, racoons, skunks, deer, birds, and feral cats).

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