Friday, March 13, 2015

Book Club: Because of Winn Dixie

This was our first 12-hour book club; what fun!  Two of our friends arrived early and we decided to use that time to re-create the climax scene from the book in which India Opal and her friend Gloria Dump throw a party.  We made egg-salad sandwiches and "Dump Punch" and also laid out a huge jar of pickles, as per the story.  Then the kids took over the decoration, with streamers all over the house and photos of Ike to replicate the dog theme that "Sweetie Pie," another of the book's characters, insisted upon.  They worked really hard for nearly three hours before the rest of our book club friends arrived and we ate together while completing a "Ten Things I Know About Winn Dixie" list.  In the meantime, I had destroyed a batch and then made a successful batch of "Literature Lozenges," a twist on the "Litmus Lozenges" that were a tradition for another character in the book.

We do love this book, which is a sweet story about loss (the effect addiction has on children) and resiliency.  Love the themes of human imperfection, forgiveness, acceptance, love, and hope.

Oh, and the rest of the 12 hours?  Play... what a great way to spend the day!

Representing all the main characters from the book: from left to right: Preacher, Miss Franny, Gloria Dump, Winn Dixie, Gertrude the parrot, India Opal, Sweetie Pie, Otis (with his animal charming guitar), and the "bald headed babies"

Egg salad sandwiches (yuck! But whatever it takes to be true to the book!)

Our "Literature Lozenges," batch two.  Everyone said that tasting them made them feel sad and named a sad thing that they started to think of, just like the ones in the book that had originated after extreme loss during and after the Civil War...

Streamers (foreground) and dog-theme pictures (this captures just a few, but in fact the kids went to town with the streamers.  Opal would be pleased).

"Ten Things I Know" is a grounding technique used by the main character in the book.  "Ten Things We Know About Bookclub" coming soon!

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