Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fan Mail

After K's game, her sister handed her some fan mail, composed by one of the younger siblings of K's teammates. It may be her first fan mail, it may be her only fan mail, but it is awesome either way. One says, "Why are you so good at hitting, K? I love you! Go Red Socks! You are the best!" Then the other says, "You are the best; I love you!"

I love watching her play, especially when she is having fun. She's a strong hitter and it is really cool to see her go up to the plate and watch all of the boys on the team get up, go to the fence, and give each other high fives because they know that she is likely to get a run or better.

I admit that I celebrate this demonstration of girl power, especially given the negative gender-oriented comments that she's heard while playing in this league over the past few years.  It is awesome to see little sisters with older brothers being inspired by her and to see young boys experience the power of a girl as a natural part of playing sports: they cheer her for her strength and her contributions to their score, not her gender.  I note this silently, however, because for K, all that matters is playing well and winning, acting and being treated as a ball player.  I respect that so very much and so keep my inner feminist cheering silently, quietly celebrating the positive messages that she is sending to both boys and girls while appreciating her athleticism and the joy she gets from the game.

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