Wednesday, March 4, 2015

National Mythology Exam

The girls are both challenging themselves this week by taking the National Mythology Exam. We've been studying Greek mythology since last summer in various ways and our recent work to prep for the exam added some refresher studies on Native American and African myths.  As a third grader, G could take the basic test and stop, though she decided to also take the thematic section (on Theseus), the classic literary subtest on the Odyssey, and the literary subtests on Native American and African myths.  K took the same ones, though as a fifth grader she had to just take the basics and the thematic section.  I think it was the first scantron test either had taken and they handled it just fine, very serious.  I had to test each of them separately to avoid that sister interference that seems so inevitable.  We will get the results back in May and they both seem nervous and exciting, hoping that they did well, but the stakes are high; medals appear to be only awarded for perfect (gold), one wrong  (silver), or two wrong (bronze).  At least as far as I can tell... we will see what happens!  I'm proud of them for taking it so seriously

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