Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Mr. S remains both girls' #1 enthusiasm, tied only by baseball for K. They are preparing for a May production of "The Adventures of Pericles." This week, G decided to advocate for more lines for herself; this photo is of her working with the producers to decide which additional lines can be added to her script. Love her determination, willingness to work hard, and self-advocacy.  This awesome kid can do anything!  (My thanks to Jacki for the photo.)

She's a funny kid: when something is bothering her, she runs off by herself, rather than seeking my help, support, or even comfort.  I talked with her about that this week and she told me, "Mom, that's because I like to solve things by myself."  All the more to admire, as I told her, as long as you know I'm always here if you need me. 
This conversation must be on my mind this week, as I've had several dreams about her, one in which I was watching her swim, only to see her submerge for so long I started to panic.  Just when I was about to dive in, I noticed that she was happily swimming at the bottom of the pool, perfectly capable and content.  A lesson for me, perhaps, although the same night as I was having a second dream about her, she woke me from it with a piercing scream calling me to her.  Another message for me, that she will call me when she needs me, which is always good, even when it comes in the middle of a dead sleep.  She really is a cool and amazing person: smart, strong, hardworking, and determined. 
Love her, admire her, adore her!

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