Saturday, March 28, 2015

Track Meet

K's first track meet ever; my first one since 1985.  Yikes!  It was super fun to be there and to remember my own triumphs and challenges on the track.  And, lo and behold, K's team is wearing jerseys not unlike the one I wore (red and white tank), so my photos of her with her teammates create a bit of deja vu.

Love the approach this team has - everyone gets a chance to try whatever they want, come to practice when you can, and have fun.  We saw some real talent and also saw a lot of kids trying really hard and not quitting, which I find truly awesome.  It was K's first meet, so she had just one event:  the shot put.  And she got third place!  As she said, not bad for a kid who had never even seen a shot put until earlier this week.

Note little sister in the foreground.  Can't wait until she is old enough for track; she flies like the wind and with as much joy....

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