Friday, March 27, 2015

Unschooling Time

I've read a lot about unschooling and can't argue that when it works, it seems an ideal approach that really allows children to be self-directed learners.  I don't know if my preconceived notions get in the way or if the approach just isn't ideal for all kids (I suspect the former), but regardless of the reason, I feel obliged to be a bit more structured, even though I am envious when I see unschooling work so well for others).  That said, we had some wonderful examples of 'assignments' done this week that were relatively rigorous in nature and completely unassigned, unmonitored, and unassisted by me:

After our daily Spanish lesson, the girls decided to try French and the enthusiasm is reflected in their faces.  Overheard, "After we learn French, let's learn German, okay sister?"  And then to me:  "Mom, G and I must have some deadly disease.   We are voluntarily doing homework!"

A friend came over to play and it evolved into a writing assignment: detailed written invitations to a future party.  I struggle to get them to write at all some days, but in this example they were putting enormous effort into it because it was entirely their idea.

As we enter Holy Week, I find this on the board with an accompanying explanation for each element of the collage of images:  from the left:  the Last Supper, then moving clockwise, Jesus on the cross, laying Him in the tomb, and finally rising with joy three days later.  Again, had I asked for a picture that describes the events of Holy Week, I would have been impressed.  But to create it with no direction was beyond cool.

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