Saturday, April 25, 2015

National Mythology Exam Results

The girls have been on edge since they so-meticulously prepared for and took this exam; finally, the results are in!  They both took the exam at the high school level, though they could have opted for just the questions assigned to the school grades that correspond to their ages.  They wanted the bigger challenge, though, and so took multiple additional sections of the test, which included Greek/Roman myths, African myths, Native American myths, and questions about the Odyssey. 

They both got medals (only 40% of those who take it do) with both getting perfect scores for their grade-level.  K had a perfect score even when compared to the high school required exams and G got one question wrong, dropping her to 97% for the high school level.  Not bad! 

K expressed disappointment at the one mistake she made and vowed to take the test again next year, but both were clearly proud and wore their medals to choir practice.  I'm proud of them, too!  I read through the questions and most certainly could not have tested as well as they did.

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