Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Picnic at Ardenwood Farms

I wish that Mother's Day could be rescheduled to another month, one less busy with end-of-the-school year chaos (with all due respect to Mary, who would probably understand).  It was a busy day that began, as usual, when it was still pitch black outside and continued with many preparations and much rushing all morning.

The best moment was at Mass.  Both girls were singing in the choir and after Communion, sang a song about love "dedicated to their mothers."  At the end, the choir kids presented each of their mothers with a rose.  I wasn't the only one crying!

We spent the afternoon with my Mom, who deserves lots of daily gratitude for all that she does.  A nice picnic at a great spot; the girls even got to ride the train, which has never been running any other time we've visited.

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