Friday, May 1, 2015

Poetry Award

We were notified this morning that G won an award at last night's Belmont Library Poetry celebration.  Hurrah!  She submitted a poem earlier this month, but couldn't attend the celebration due to an extra choir practice (ah, commitments).

Well done, lovely, talented, daughter!

Here's the librarian's notice, (which I thought was sweet), followed by the poem itself: 

Dear [G]
Hello! My name is Mary Frances Frayne and I am a Librarian at the Belmont Library. I am writing to thank you for your contribution to our 2015 Poetry Contest. We appreciate the time you took to apply and were very excited to receive your poem.
I am happy to inform you that your poem, A Monstrous Vacation, has been selected by the judges and has received honourable mention in this year’s contest! The judges received many poems and were overwhelmed by the caliber of entries this year. A Monstrous Vacation stood out to us. It was a pleasure to read!
Thank you for your interest. We publicly announced that you had received honourable mention last night at our Poetry Celebration. We have a framed copy of your poem that you may come by the Library to pick up whenever it is best for you.
Thank you once again and all the very best to you.
Warm regards,
Mary Frances

A Monstrous Vacation

I never thought falling off a cliff would be so terrifying. 

Dropping, falling, twisting, and turning.

It felt like my body would never be the same. 

Landing should have been worse,

but I don't remember it. 

When I sat up, I felt like every part of my body was broken.

Little did I know, my problems were only going to get worse.

This ordeal began with a walk with my mom.

We wanted an adventure.

Only, not quite this kind of adventure.

We were in Hawaii, in the mountainous rain forest. 

I took a turn on the trail and right in front of me was a bear.

I know what you are thinking, a bear in Hawaii? 

Yeah, well, me too.

Unfortunately, I gasped and stepped back, then jumped again. 

The second move was the bad one.

 I tripped over a root and the next thing I knew I was falling.

I landed on a giant map

Everything in it was moving

I couldn’t mess up the map, or bad things would happen across the world.

I jumped off as fast as I could.

I opened my eyes and stared up at my mom.  She didn’t have a scratch, didn’t have a bruise.

How did she get down here, at the bottom of this cliff?

She had a book in her hands called, “Monsters of the Jungles.”

She was curled up with me in bed.

“Mom,” I said. “ Let’s read a different book.”

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