Monday, June 15, 2015

History of Our House

We finally caught the local history museum open.  K practically dragged me into there, bursting with enthusiasm to look at it.  It was indeed exciting.  I had no idea that actual Ohlone artifacts had been found near the creek in our backyard (nor that human remains had been found underneath nearby City Hall).  The docents were brimming with enthusiasm.

Our house is one of the oldest in California,built in the 1880s and older than one that we toured as a museum recently.  There is a move to have it declared a historic site, we learned!  It was the home of the first postmaster of this town, who also ran a general store across the street from the house.

Much more to learn; we plan to return for more.  Exciting local find!

The original, looking much like it does now at its new location.

How it had changed before being relocated and restored!

Here's a link to a video of the house being moved; pretty fascinating! 

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