Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Opera Evening: Two Women

From backpacking gorgeously empty beaches to a World Premiere at the fabulous SF Opera; we were feeling pretty rich this week!  Friends got us free tickets to the dress rehearsal of Two Women and getting to see our friends on stage as supernumeraries was a special bonus. 

The plot in Two Women was really difficult - trying to survive in the desperation that comes from war time civilian life.  The scenes included two rape scenes.  I had been warned and was ready to cover the girls' eyes if necessary, but they didn't seem to pick up on the awfulness.  I think had I not been focused on shielding them, I might have been more upset myself, not at the presentation, which was appropriately done, but at the very idea of not being able to protect your daughter in such a situation.  The anguish of the mother was palpable and the production extremely good in every detail.  We applauded and booed at the end for the villains, then debated later whether that was appropriately respectful of the excellence of their performances.  In the end, we had multiple strong opinions on that bit of etiquette.

Afterwards, as we waited by the cast entrance for our friends, we got to see Sarah Shafer,who played the daughter, Rosetta.  She was lovely about posing for pictures and signing autographs.

A really fabulous evening.

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