Friday, July 17, 2015

Death Valley

From the lowest point in the US
Wow, spectacular desert travel.  We felt a bit overwhelmed by the remoteness, awed by the idea that we were headed into a National Park in the populous state of California and still seeing so few people.  At one point, the highway deteriorated into a dirt road and ahead we saw a dust storm rising.  We actually got it on video and were glad at that low visibility time to know that there was little traffic around us.  Our guess - for the entire day from the Trona region until we hit the main highway in Nevada - is that we saw no more than 50 cars.

Furnace Creek was, not surprisingly, a furnace:  120 degrees.  Then we descended below sea level over 200 feet where it was at least five degrees warmer.  It was a remarkable feeling - shockingly hot and slowly taxing... a great experience, but we were glad to leave and return to lower temperatures and some hope of natural water.

Average temp in July is 116, so we got a hot day!
Lowest point:  Badwater Basin
Pointing up up up at sea level


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