Sunday, July 12, 2015

Fun Sunday

Since we weren't in the mountains, but were with Charles, we decided to have some fun, local-style.  We started with running at the track, then a fun basketball game, then - just when I was ready to put my feet up - a soccer ball kick-off followed by a soccer match.  I scored my first goal ever!  But that seemed to be a fluke; mostly, I was impressed with just how hard it is to handle that ball.

When we got home, the kids did a 15-step treasure hunt that kept them occupied for about 90 minutes solving codes and finding hidden clues.  The clues I thought were hard they solved almost instantaneously whereas some of the one I thought were easy tended to stump them.  I made the hunt largely literature-themed, using character or plot descriptions to lead them to clues hidden in different books, which was fun.

Great day.... (even though I still ache for the mountains).

At the track

After the final clue revealed the treasure

Divvying up the loot (and including the friend who had gotten distracted by the content of one of the books that was a clue, which impressed me.)

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