Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mother/Daughter Journals

A while ago, someone gave me the idea to start mother/daughter journals.  We each write in the same journal (two, one for each daughter) and when done with an entry, leave it for the other to find.  So far, G had used it to lobby for a new pet and K has described elements of playing baseball that I couldn't even imagine, not being a player myself.  I've used them to leave notes for them both, telling them all of the specifics about how awesome I think they are - things I think all the time but may forget to say.  (Or maybe, I say them so often that they take them for granted, but someday they'll enjoy re-reading them.)  It is a nice extra connection and, I hope, sets the stage for open communication as we begin middle school next year.  For some reason, that feels momentous for me, though not so much from K's perspective.  I suppose I know more than she what is to come... and it all seems to be coming so quickly.  In any case, I am loving doing it and am grateful to whomever gave me the idea....

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