Thursday, July 9, 2015

Snow in the Sierras! Waking Up to a Winter Wonderland

The first July snow in 40 years, or so we were told on our return. All I know is that we woke up to a completely unexpected winter wonderland:

View from the tent

View of the tent and one darling daughter grinning in absolute shock.

Another view from the tent - looking up toward the pass we were supposed to cross


Branches absolutely laden with snow

I believe these are Sierra Penstemons - purple flowers, covered in snow.

The creek near our site - and the southeasterly corner of the Hetch Hetchy watershed (last summer we backpacked the northeastern bit.  We like to know where our water originates and this time with the snow we got about as close to its origin as possible!

Oh so stunning!

She's stunning too....

The fog clears a bit - that's our bear canister, just to the right of the large rock in the foreground.

Yes, I brought just shorts!!  And cotton shirts, too.  Not quite prepared for snow...

It started snowing harder as we prepared breakfast!

Oh my!

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