Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Loneliest Road in America

And not just lonely, but LONG. America is huge and empty (and we traveled less than half of it). A phenomenal experience. Despite the circumstances, I'm glad that we got this chance to experience the geology, spacious beauty, desolation, and massive size and remoteness of so much of this country.

And the fastest route back to Charles...

The last dude to pass through Austin, NV?  We stopped for ice cream in "the friendliest town on the loneliest road in America."

Memories of wagon trains and early settlers; this drive makes their challenges all the more poignant.

Puck standing for a treat. 

A road side rest.  Note the complete lack of cars, trees, or other such features...

Thought this was cool, the road through the rocks.  Seeing the many diverse geological features also made us think of early settlers.  We have a road, albeit a remote one.  They had a direction... and lots of detours in and out of picturesque canyons through land in which it must have been hard to find water or food.  We think of the survivors, but I wonder how many were lost without record.

Love the name:  Goblin Canyon

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Love their closeness and support for one another, love these two so very much!

Monday, August 24, 2015


G:  "Mom, why are you putting makeup on?"

Me:  Oh, I don't know.  To try to look nice?"

G:  "Mom, I'm sorry, but you look like a zombie."

Me:  Sigh... oh well... giving up....

Sunday, August 16, 2015

St. Patrick's Church

I thought the reflection of the rising sun was so beautiful.  This is St. Patrick's church in Denver, home of the Poor Clares monastery, where we went to Mass.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Happy Man

First time outside in three weeks and three days.  Yes, we are counting.  He was shocked that Denver is so darn hot and wanted to know if he could go swimming.  When he came back in, he told the nurse that he'd been on a trampoline and was running the Pikes Peak Marathon with my mom tomorrow.  A man of dreams and charm... that's one of the many reasons why we love him.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Denver Activities

The kids have been busy, seeing more of Denver than I ever thought we would.  It is a great city - green, lots of parks, friendly people, interesting neighborhoods, lots of architectural diversity.  Our one complaint (other than the circumstances that brought us here):  strict leash laws ('cause sometimes a puppy just needs to dance).  One thing that makes me especially happy:  bags at the grocery stores (such a petty thing, but a relief to have one less thing to think about).

The kids have been swimming, rip sticking (of course), and walking.  We got reciprocal privileges at the science museum because of our Tech museum membership, which is awesome: we saw a bunch of exhibits and can go back for more for free.  We spent one afternoon at a jump place and it had a bucking bull ride, so we could satisfy Charles' insistence that the girls ride horses or go to a rodeo.  We went to the Black American Museum of the West, but it is only open twice a week and looked tiny, so we went to the Doll and Miniatures Museum, which was interesting.  The kids did a candy factory tour (free!), got to see Uncle Mike and Aunt Terry's house (complete with awesome pinball machine), found Uncle Paul's hidden room, and explored a bit of Manitou Springs, which is now a favorite place.  They also got to see the zoo and the aquarium, both of which are great.  And they've bowled and played mini golf.

Ready to leave (fingers crossed!) Just in case it takes a few more days, we still have things on our lists to keep us occupied.

Really cool crystal reproduction of a cave in Mexico.  G is really into geology and rocks, so the exhibit here was right up her alley.

In front of The Keg (I suggested that sign when I worked there :-)
At one of Manitou's natural springs

Hidden firepole into Uncle Paul's secret room!

Riding a bucking broco!

With all of their grandparents at the doll, toy and miniatures museum
Bowling fun
For the record, K beat Grandma; quite a feat if you know Ernestine's bowling reputation
At the "Cripple Creek Mine" at this Colorado-themed mini golf course

Random insect photo: saw these gorgeous beetles demolishing a bush on a morning walk and couldn't resist a photo.