Friday, August 14, 2015

Happy Man

First time outside in three weeks and three days.  Yes, we are counting.  He was shocked that Denver is so darn hot and wanted to know if he could go swimming.  When he came back in, he told the nurse that he'd been on a trampoline and was running the Pikes Peak Marathon with my mom tomorrow.  A man of dreams and charm... that's one of the many reasons why we love him.


Vanilla-mama said...

I just loved seeing this picture this morning. Charles, you look *wonderful*! Everyone radiates happiness. I'm sharing in your joy and continue to pray for healing, strength, patience and so much light *and* for you to able to start posting from your homebase!

Len and Elizabeth said...

It's great to see Charles' face. He looks happy.

Ginny said...

That picture makes me smile. You all have been in my thoughts and prayers so much these past few weeks. Stay strong, all of you, and safe travels back our way.