Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Loneliest Road in America

And not just lonely, but LONG. America is huge and empty (and we traveled less than half of it). A phenomenal experience. Despite the circumstances, I'm glad that we got this chance to experience the geology, spacious beauty, desolation, and massive size and remoteness of so much of this country.

And the fastest route back to Charles...

The last dude to pass through Austin, NV?  We stopped for ice cream in "the friendliest town on the loneliest road in America."

Memories of wagon trains and early settlers; this drive makes their challenges all the more poignant.

Puck standing for a treat. 

A road side rest.  Note the complete lack of cars, trees, or other such features...

Thought this was cool, the road through the rocks.  Seeing the many diverse geological features also made us think of early settlers.  We have a road, albeit a remote one.  They had a direction... and lots of detours in and out of picturesque canyons through land in which it must have been hard to find water or food.  We think of the survivors, but I wonder how many were lost without record.

Love the name:  Goblin Canyon

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Andrea Kanelopoulos - Anam Nostos House said...

Great photos! I can totally relate having driven across country a few times, but the last one alone with two kiddos too! That moment you finally see a car behind you is a breathe of gratitude! ha Another absolutely desolate (and terrifying to me) road is 10 through Texas. It just never ends! Hope you are getting some peace and breathing in this day! Peace