Friday, September 11, 2015

Book Club: Shakespeare's Richard III

Our sixth year and a row of visiting the Marin Shakespeare Company for our September book club, this time to see Richard III.  It was phenomenal;  I found myself thinking about it for days.

I gasped out loud in disappointment as soon as Richard came on stage and I saw that the costuming was modern (he was in fatigues most of the play).  But after a while, I began to see it as brilliant, making the psychotic character of Richard all the more relevant and real (whether or not it is historically relevant).  At the end, when the kids got to question the cast, the actor who played the lead said that to play a villain, you have to think like a hero, because no one sees himself as bad.  This resonated as such a contrast to the agony of Macbeth.  This comment sealed the horror of the character for me, realizing that that is exactly what makes some people perpetuate evil - the psychosis that they are right.  We had great conversations analyzing it afterward - historically, as a literary piece, from an acting perspective, and in its portrayal of a damaged human soul 


K and G on right, K with hands raised with questions 
for the actors.

From the program (though he never appeared like this)

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