Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween Party

We brought finger food and for once, being told, "this is too gross to eat" was a compliment:

Hee, hee!  These were a hit - to photograph if not to eat.  :-)

On the un-gross (and even healthy) side

Hard to transport, but cute.

"Used bandaids," also totally disgusting

Erato (one of the nine muses in Greek mythology) with the shrunken apple head witch she created.  (Her sister, who escaped the photographer this time, was Calliope, one of the other nine muses.  One is lyrical poetry (Shakespeare) and one is epic poetry (Homer).  I *think* that G is the former and K is the latter, but they know more about it than I do....)

Awesome party; thanks, R&Bs!

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