Thursday, October 22, 2015

Overheard: Demeter

K:  "Mom, if G and I were one person, and we died, would you stop everything on earth from growing just because we were dead?"

Me: (Startled and thinking fast, 'cause this came out of the blue)  "Ummm.... are you talking about Demeter?"

K: "Yes.  I just don't get why she wouldn't let anything at all grow just because her daughter was dead."

Me:  "Well...  I think if it was me, it wouldn't be out of anger or revenge, but just pure grief that would paralyze me from doing anything else."

K:  (Who had been perplexed, but now seems to get it) "Oh, Mom.  You are totally Demeter."

And that's what we get for studying the Greek Gods again...

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