Thursday, October 8, 2015

Science Class: Rainforests (Final Class)

Our final class on rainforests covered aeronautical engineering as the kids built their own "Borneo flyers" and then attempted modifications to simulate different gliding rain forest animals who use thrust, drag, and lift to move within the rainforest without ever touching the ground.  They also played a conservation game in which their task was to determine which areas of an island to set aside for conservation, helping three specific endangered animals while taking into account both the original ("tribal") and more modern needs of the island's human inhabitants.  This exercise required team work and map reading and the kids did well communicating their different perspectives.


Working with a map of "conservation island"

I love this... G continued to experiment long into the evening with different "Borneo glider" designs.  This one looks a bit like a jumping frog, which was one of those used as an example in the lesson.

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