Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Giants Geometry

The perfect class - we thought - for K.  Math (geometry) described at the middle school level and taking place at the Giant's ballpark.  Maybe I should have been suspicious that the "STEM" word was used - more and more that seems to be a marketing ploy (and one that I admit works) than actual in-depth learning.  In this case, the presenter was really good, but the materials were seriously more on the preschool/ early elementary level, identifying geometric shapes, calculating areas, naming angles as obtuse or acute, and describing triangles according to the length of their sides (equilateral, isolceles, or scalene).  Disappointing.

On the other hand, the tour was super fun and interesting and our guide for that was also engaging.  Oddly, those on the tour with us seemed to hold no particular interest in baseball, so what seemed really exciting to me (standing on the field, sitting in the visitor's dugout) didn't seem to hold the same magic to others.  Still, K and I had fun and that's what counts.  :-)

Looking SE from the upper level - gorgeous!

Looking E from the upper level - more gorgeousness!

Touching Barry Bonds' bat (cool!)

Looking at the visitor's practice pitching area

Inside the visitor's dug out

On the field...

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