Thursday, November 19, 2015

Writing Class Synopsis

K has been in a writing class this semester.  
Class discussions included:
* Story Cube storytelling games
* character development: skills, flaws, wants/goals, secrets, backstories
* creating dialogue 
* Hero's Journey Story Structure: 
 - Ordinary World setting
 - Call to Adventure
 - Portal/Entry into the Special World
 - 3 or more Tests
 - false victory
 - separation & betrayal
 - false defeat
 - final climax / the hero rises (combine original w/ new skills)
 * ways to build worry, suspense & mystery
 * Editing the "Worst Paragraph in the World" 
   (grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, clarity)
She read her story to the rest of the class, plus parents and friends, and did a great job.  It's an awesome story about kids who are spies and involved in some high tech secret adventures.

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