Friday, September 23, 2016

Marin Shakespeare's Othello

Our seventh year of visiting the Marin Shakespeare's September production!  This one moved me like no production I've ever seen before.  By the final scene, the young teenage girl who had moved next to me to get out of the sun was gasping at me and not only were tears streaming down my cheeks, but I had the urge to burst into sobs.  The agony of love destroyed through mistrust born of devious betrayal was so well done and with such heart-wrenchingly violent consequences.

Aurore came with us and we met lots of friends there, which was lovely.  The girls liked it too, though perhaps without the same level of emotional reaction.  We stayed for the Questions and Answers with the director and many of the actors afterward and learned a lot.

The girls with friends
K and Aurore

Aurore as The Bard

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