Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Applied Anatomy Class

We have a wonderful teacher for this class; she's prepared, experienced, and knows her stuff.  She's got decades of experience in nursing and has been faculty at the University of California, SF for many years.  She's also Abuela!  Hurrah!  She offered to teach the class, which is based on one that she teaches for nursing students in which they learn anatomy through physical exams.  The girls and their friend love it and are learning a lot.  When G woke up at 4AM to go to the bathroom, she informed me, "did you know that there are three layers of skin and I know what each are called?"

Plus, as a bonus, getting to see their friend another day a week is awesome!

This is planned for eight sessions and the girls are looking forward to more.  To me, this is the essence of the potential of homeschooling at its best - the opportunity to work with adults who are experts and who provide their wisdom, knowledge and mentorship so that kids both learn and are inspired.  Thanks, Mom!

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