Sunday, October 16, 2016


G is taking a "mindfulness" class and she really doesn't like it.  The teacher is strict about how to do things, G doesn't like being told what to do.  Plus she thinks that the class is boring and I hear a lot of sarcastic comments about how dull it is.

So, I was surprised one night when she decided to offer a Mindfulness class for us!  I was distracted by something else, but overheard most of the 50 minute class that she facilitated for Aurore and Charles and it was phenomenal.  She stayed in control the entire time and walked them through some really interesting and relevant exercises, some from her class and some that she invented.  My favorite was when she asked them to hold a stuffed animal, stare into its eyes, reflect, then tell the group ("if you feel safe doing so") what it was saying to you.  The results were actually poignant and at first she thought they were funny, but then later said, "oh, but what if that wasn't kidding.  That could be sad...."  She's quite insightful, both in relation to facilitating this class so effectively for adults and in re-imagining a class that she dislikes so intently so that she feels more control.  This wonderful kid continues to impress me...

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Andrea Kanelopoulos - Anam Nostos House said...

Oh how I love this post! My first reaction was, 'oh she is really getting something out of it with her frustration' then as I read on exactly what came out of her was what I knew she was getting...ok that sounds wordy ha Bernadette loves to meditate. She actually has been doing it for about three years, Maryn is my'can't sit still' boy though he does like to pray and catch him some times. Mindfulness is such an amazing art, practice and gift. I lead a mindful eating workshop which is pretty powerful as well. Love what you are doing, peace!