Sunday, October 23, 2016

St. Dominic's Annual YAG Reunion and Mass

We all look forward to this annual get-together with old friends. I didn't get many photos, but the one I wish I had was the Mass itself, with Father Tony presiding. We all met him when he was the organizer for the YAG group and when he finally left, it was to become a priest, much to everyone's surprise (including him). He clearly belongs in this vocation and it was an honor to see him celebrate Mass and a joy to be with so many friends who will travel to sing, praise, pray, and worship together. Plus it is just wonderful to catch up with everyone.

Perhaps the brightest unexpected joy is that the girls look forward to this day as much as we do! G had to leave for a volleyball game and she was so disappointed to miss the play time with friends of our old friends whom she only sees once a year (unless we are lucky). The kids enjoy each other's company and immediately arrive and gravitate toward one another - so awesome.

The girls and Puck with (Sister) "Just Diane"

K with more old friends

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