Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day

K's class on politics, government and US history voted on a number of issues today, so she got her own sticker.  Sounds like they were very civil in their disagreements: the only issue her group was unanimous about is an initiative on the SF ballot to allow those age 16 to vote (they approved) but (unlike me at her age), there didn't seem to be any strong emotional attachment to different positions or candidates.  That said, she's pretty clear about what she thinks about election choices and why!  In fact, there are a lot of strong opinions in this family about various candidates and issues and both girls gave me a hard time about how I used my vote.  It is interesting to see their perspectives, interesting to find each generation progressively more conservative.  When I told them at breakfast that I voted against the death penalty, for example, K exclaimed, "Mom!  Do you realize that you voted for a world in which it is legal to kill people because they are old and sick, but not legal to kill them if they are serial killers?  How does that make sense?"  (I had no idea that she knew that euthanasia is now legal in CA.)  I'm just glad to see that they are pretty good at researching the more bizarre claims of various parties and are basing their opinions on facts and beginning to show decent research skills (whether or not I totally agree with their outcomes).

This photo courtesy sf-nomad.com

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