Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Aurore asked for the meaning of Thanksgiving, so of course we explained the history of the first Thanksgiving, then Abraham Lincoln's proclamation and other related history.  Harder to explain is the beauty and loveliness of this holiday as it is celebrated uniquely within the United States.  In a culture that sometimes seems obsessed with materialism, it is a time to drop all of that and really enjoy what matters most, with none of the assorted expectations and stresses of other holidays.  As K said in her prayer of gratitude before we ate:  "I am grateful for food, family, and friends... and that's just the 'fs."

I am grateful for some rain, which means that the hills and valleys on our morning hike were finally green

I am grateful for shadows, light, beauty, people to hike with, and dog hiking pals, too

I am grateful for tiny beauties and the opportunities to notice them.

And of course for wonderful food, family, and friends... including many not pictured.

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