Sunday, November 20, 2016

Tahoe Snow

We wanted to make sure that Aurore saw Tahoe while she was here, but it has been hard to find even a day when our calendars were clear.  Thanksgiving week provided that respite and a friend at work offered a discount on a house rental.  Fantastic!  We left with chains and noted the chain warnings on the way up, but being prepared isn't the same as being eager; I was glad to get through slowly and carefully without having to put them on, even though we drove through a winter wonderland of gorgeous, fabulous snow that crusted the branches of the trees and blanketed the mountainsides.  Ah, such a needed relief to be in the mountains again!

G took this one from the car on the way up and over the pass

I love to see clouds framing the mountains; elegant and dramatic

After we arrived, the rest of the evening had one primary agenda:  snow ball fights!


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