Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve Choir and Mass

Lovely singing and a wonderful homily from our new pastor.  So good I wish I had recorded him - I tried to take notes, but didn't get too far.  Part of his homily focused on how outrageous and even scandalous Christianity is: who but God envisions a religion in which God comes to us as poor, powerless child with a simple message of peace?  What more could ground us in the things in life that most matter, that give most satisfaction?  It actually reminded me of the comic Douglas Adams, who in the preface to his books describes the date as "about two thousand years after they nailed a man to a tree for saying everyone ought to be nice to each other."

Our new pastor also encouraged a more elaborate Christmas production from the choir, so in addition to lovely singing, we got a couple and their newborn plus singing angels.  Fortunately and unfortunately, K and G were in the grades chosen to be angels.  G loved it, K might be forever known to the entire congregation as the reluctant angel; her face and body language bemoaning her assignment and reflecting the mantra she kept muttering, which was a threat to sue the church for defamation of character.  All I could do was laugh. Choir is her choice and she knows it; if she wants to stand out for her reluctance, well, I suppose she adds personality to the production.  Love these crazy kids.

Rehearsing "in Christmas finest" (which to both girls meant red shirts and black pants, though to the other kids meant very glamorous gowns).

With the older kids in the angel outfits.  (We say tunic, not dress or robe).

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