Monday, December 26, 2016

Gifts and Defying Expectations

Every year, we try to focus on giving by spending time creating useful and/or joyful gifts; this year we had cookies and candles for neighbors and family.  (We also gave ornaments and personalized stationary to some family members, though those aren't pictured.) A lot of work, but the girls were pleased with the results and hopefully the recipients were, too.  Merry Christmas!

Thinking about our experiences at Bethlehem AD and again with Father Lawrence's wonderful homily led me to reflect on the ways that God defies our expectations.  Those originally waiting for the Messiah expected a King, powerful in the material ways of this world.  Those today who expect religion to synch with human concepts of worldly success today miss the God's intent to stand not for judgement or power or glory, but with the poor and the vulnerable.  Even in my own life, when I think about what I thought I wanted and what I have instead, I see how my own expectations have been defied and replaced with work and love that is in so many ways so much richer than I ever imagined or expected.

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