Friday, January 20, 2017


G pointed out that she doesn't remember ever seeing an inauguration before and she was very interested to see this one. (K remembers watching Obama take the oath of office eight years ago.)

I was caught up in a project and almost forgot, but she remembered that it started at nine and tried to turn the TV on.  How hard could it be?  She couldn't do it and when I went to help, we realized that both remote controls had no batteries in them.  We fixed that, but still couldn't get it on. We went to K for help.  She looked it over and realized that the power strip needed to connect the cords to an outlet wasn't there - or anywhere to be found.  We ended up watching it through NPR online on my computer.

We had some interesting discussions about the speech, but my main takeaway was being impressed with G's interest and determination not to miss a historic moment. She can be very focused, which as a parent can be wearying, but I do admire her for it and think that it is a trait that will help her accomplish much in life.  She's such a solidly good person that I have no doubt that her interests will bring great things to others, too.  I love her so much!

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