Friday, February 10, 2017

Rainy Days

We've had some lovely rainy days at home in the last few weeks as K strums her guitar and we read together.  In this picture, they were both playing, which was lovely.  I've never once asked them to practice any instrument; K in particular seems to have a natural love and she doesn't "practice," she just plays.  This photo of the two of them is one that I had to snatch from another room surreptitiously, as K is camera shy about playing (actually, now that I look at the photo, I suspect it is because she was trying out the pink guitar that her sister picked up when a friend was giving it away).  Here, they are working together composing music and accompanying songs of their own creation.  (A little bird told me yesterday that when I'm not home, even more songs come out, more original works that sound just delightful, deep, and fascinating.  I'm hoping that I get to hear them soon.)

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