Sunday, February 26, 2017

Religious Ed Class: Learning about Sister Dorothy Stang

Sister Roseanne Murphy, S.N.D., came to our class this past week and spoke primarily about Sister Dorothy Stang.  Sister Roseanne is the author of a book about Sister Dorothy called, "Martyr of the Amazon" and she showed the class parts of a 28 minute video on Sister Dorothy called, "The Student, The Nun, and the Amazon."   The kids were silent and engrossed throughout her talk: Dorothy's story is powerful and fascinating and to see the video clips of her drew us all in. Her personality seemed to be a combination of sheer determination and absolute cheerfulness and that makes her intriguing to watch on screen.  Plus, of course, her work was important, speaking up for those who had no voice and living her life intentionally working to empower others. In addition to her humanitarian focus, we learned about her faith literally in the face of death and her call to protect the environment.  Sister Roseanne was moved to tears when talking with our class and of course that made me cry, too.

We were honored to have Sister Roseanne with us and now have ideas to add to our Lenten reading plan...

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