Monday, March 6, 2017

Anatomy: Reproductive System

I usually don't sit through this class, but this time my Mom asked me to stay since she was covering the reproductive system.  I was surprised but unconcerned:  as far as I know, I've taught the girls everything about that I know, following my Mom's philosophy of providing lots of information early on.  I remember reports from friends in elementary school who overheard older siblings getting "the birds and the bees" talk and going home myself and asking my Mom, "what are the birds and the bees?"  Since my Mom was active in teaching sex ed and even once gathered all of the neighborhood children to watch a (pretty gruesome) film on childbirth, I had already known the content of the talk, but had never heard it referred to euphemistically.

For K and G, hearing it again from someone other than me and putting it in anatomically detailed perspective was valuable and we all learned details about intricate parts of the body that we hadn't known.  I watched from across the table as she had them point to and name parts of the male and female reproductive systems without hesitation and was again impressed with and appreciative of this course and the knowledge she  shares with the girls in a very hands-on and memorable way.  We talked afterward about some of the questions she's been asked in many years of teaching "health" (i.e. sex ed) in SF schools (public and Catholic), but even that didn't spark additional questions or concerns from the girls. 

They were recently invited to attend a workshop for girls on puberty - basically (as far as I can tell), sex ed for homeschoolers with a lot of coziness and female empowerment thrown in, and I encouraged them to go and seek other perspectives, maybe learn something new, maybe bond with friends.  Neither had the slightest interest in doing so, though.  Both said that they thought it would be weird to learn from someone other than me, though they clearly were nonplussed at learning from Abuela.  While I will always encourage my girls to ask questions and to seek multiple perspectives, I do like the empowering image of wisdom and knowledge passed down from women within a family and am grateful (again and again) for my Mom for her knowledge, wisdom, insights, expertise, care, and love.

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