Thursday, March 9, 2017


The girls' "Three Friends Cookies Cakes and Pies" business is again flourishing, thanks to the girls' idea of selling cookies at baseball games. Keeps G from complaining about going to the games, too!  She's got samples that she offers as her pitch and then displays fresh-baked cookies (that she bakes herself) at a reasonable price.   Who could resist?  Yesterday, she got lucky:  both a baseball game and a softball game at the same location, which meant that she sold out long before the game was over.

It's funny, a lot of people want to know, "what is this for?" as if all cookie sales should be for an organization or charity.  I encouraged her to be proud that she is engaging in commerce, a good product at a fair price, which is an ethical objective in and of itself.. So now, when she is asked, she says, "I am trying to make some money" or "I am running a business."  I want her to be proud of her ideas and her products and to know that she's engaging in a fair exchange of that product with customers who genuinely appreciate and enjoy that which she has created..  

If her success this first week of baseball season is any indication, she'll need to sign up for a class on the stock market and really learn how wealth is created and sustained.  She can do it!  She's got determination, style, great ideas, and charisma and she's a hard worker to boot.

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