Sunday, March 5, 2017

First Baseball Game of the Season

Well, preseason.

Here's the coach's recap, in an email titled, "Nice Effort by Cards in 4-3 Loss to Yankees:"

Cards and Cards' Parents
I learned a lot about our team tonight.  I learned:
  • we don't give up
  • we play better when we are engaged, cheering, and loud
  • we support each other
  • we treat the umpires and our opponents with respect
Once the season starts, I will often call out each kid's unique contribution to the game, but tonight, just want to highlight Katherine.

She's been at darn near every practice, and she has

put. in. the. work.
She's focused hard on keeping her head down on the baseball then tonight she crushed a legit double. That double was a key component in changing momentum for our team.

Katherine, you are why I love coaching.  Well done tonight.

Getting the game ball in honor of a hit that *almost* cleared the fences leading to a double...

High Fives!

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