Thursday, October 26, 2017

US History: The Battle of Bunker Hill and Primary Source Projects

Mapping a battle is always interesting; in addition, the kids spent time with their groups working on projects.  K is investigating attitudes of the Mayflower passengers toward Native Americans.  She found a reference to concerns that they shouldn't go to the New World out of respect for those already there and arguments to that perspective; now they are digging deeper.  G is working with a group to assess what John Hanson, the first US President after the revolution to serve a full (one year) term felt about the development of the Constitution.  Also a lot of work!

I love this!  The historical aspect is fascinating, but even more I think it is helping them to develop the critical thinking skills that we all need in a time of "fake news" in which too many of us (on both sides of any political divide) build our perspectives based on biased headlines, not original sources.

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