Monday, October 30, 2017


K now does two basketball leagues:  one that is co-ed and for kids 12-13 and one that is all girls and for kids 11-12.  Good experience, both!  These were some photos from her co-ed league (co-ed apparently means, "all boys but K.") in which she catches the ball, pivots, and shoots.  The photographer did not do as good a job shooting the photo as the player did shooting the ball so you can't quite tell but it did go in.  Again and again.  After that game she got recruited, again, for another league.  And at the next day's game a local school's baseball commissioner spent part of the game telling me that K should be aiming for college basketball and all the elements of her playing that are "that good."  Unfortunately, her enthusiasm is pretty narrowly focused on baseball; basketball is just something to do until that starts again... sigh!

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