Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday Surprises

After a great Religious Ed class (yes, great, all 34 kids deeply engaged, thank you Jesus!) we took off as fast as we could to a surprise 50th birthday party.  A beautiful day and a fun celebration for a really generous and caring friend.  The best part was when the birthday friend saw her adult daughter there and burst into tears of joy, as she had thought that she was away at college.  I cried too! 

Then we were off again, with one intent in mind and then a sudden inspiration changed our course entirely.  We ended up at the Berkeley Vivarium, an awesome store, and surprised my Mom with a late birthday/early Christmas gift - a new box turtle.  She loves her turtles and was thrilled, as somehow I knew she should be (G commented that I had previously said that you can't just buy another person a pet - it is too much of a commitment - and she's right, of course, but when this turtle came out of her shell and was so unafraid and friendly, I knew that my Mom would love her and I was right.  Hurrah!)  We left the turtle happily eating everything she gave her - quite a change from other turtles who are more select in their diets (I had one in college that only ate cheese, tofu, raw hamburger, and worms).

This snake was trying hard to convince K to bring him home!

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