Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Thanksgiving Adventure

I want more adventures this year!  We spent the morning making a list - way too long to do in one year, as it turns out, but a great list anyway.  Most have to do with travel, but G wants to start her own brick-and-mortar bakery and K wants to see a World Series game played.  Me... all I could think of were travel adventures, things I've done but want to repeat with the girls and other things I haven't done yet.  After making our list, we took off for a mini-adventure, a hike along an area we hadn't hiked before.  It was beautiful and then dramatically gorgeous, going from a lovely riverbank in the fog to a dark and lusciously quiet and green rain forest.

Beautiful but deadly Amanita Muscaria (but more likely to cause disorientation than death, we learned)

She caught a Thanksgiving turkey!  Or maybe that's just Lola, who is glad in any case that we are vegetarians

Love this stripe of green trail and Puck and K running across it...

Second day in a row we found a California Toad.  Same one?  He looks more peeved than terrorized...

Love the lines in nature, straight up, curving across, and the contrasting colors...

And then an adventure we did NOT want:  the dogs found a small beach and started to play, chasing sticks.  Puck got fixated on a stick that was emerging from the water, part of a larger submerged tree.  It wasn't moving.  He wouldn't let go.  He started to submerge.  K volunteered to save him.  Mom encouraged her to dive in.  G got in too to help.  The water got deep fast and was really cold.  She broke off the stick and got out, but the shock of the cold water and the fear of suddenly being in so deep had really shaken her.  My poor kid who is always so tough started to cry.  She was cold, of course, and we stripped her wet layers off, substituting our outer layers. G was soaked from the knees down and shuffled all the way back in soaking shoes, having donated her sweatshirt to her sister.  Two brave girls saving their silly dog and then helping each other.  As K said later, "I guess I really AM a Griffendor!"  :-)

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