Monday, December 18, 2017

Fall 2017 Classes

It helps to keep a log:

Math: Algebra with biology
AP Human Geography (through the Univ of TX)
US Government (an online open-access class through Harvard)
Hamilton Workshop (through Online G3)
The Tempest Workshop (through Online G3) Astronomy (through Athena's Advanced Academy) Production of The Tempest with SF Shakes (Prospero)
US History, using Stanford's "Think Like a Historian" series (focus on original sources)
Big History/Story of the World review
Religious Ed
Basketball (three leagues); baseball clinic
Writing (Using a L1 High School text with prompts)
Literature (Ron Chernow's 'Alexander Hamilton'), more...

Math: Decimals and Percents AND The Art of Math class
Human Anatomy/Physiology
Christmas Choir, Guitar
Ballet, Soccer, Volleyball
US History, using Standford's "Think Like a Historian" series
Big History/Story of the World Review
Production of The Tempest with SF Shakespeare (Ariel)
Sewing workshop (2)
Religious Ed
Herpetology (through Athena's Advanced Academy)
Marine Mammals (through Athena's Advanced Academy)
Spelling/Grammar (using language lessons and a spelling text)
Literature (Ron Chernow's 'Alexander Hamilton'), more...

I feel like I am missing something... something we did, plus (always) something we ought to have done.... Our spring will include some of the same and some new... much to look forward to (though now just resting is what I am looking forward to - no more final presentations, no need to prep for Religious Ed, no classes to prep for or grade... whew!)

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