Saturday, January 27, 2018

Walk for Life West Coast

Our destination:  The Rehumanize International Meetup BEFORE the March and Rally.  It was great!  Secular pro-life positions grounded in logic and science.  I love my faith, but these perspectives bring important compassion, inclusion, and scientific logic to the issue and for that reason - in my opinion - resonate more effectively.  We wandered the main rally too and ran into lots of old friends.  It was especially awesome to see the fabulous and amazing Ruth Enero, there with her granddaughter.  I've known her and respected her consistent ethic advocacy for over 25 years now!.

My favorite sign:  Reduce Poverty, Not People.  Highlights the importance of providing resources and support to women, of not pitting one against the other but of reaching out to both with care and concern.  I saw a LOT of signs offering assistance and support, which is also great.  Oh, and the one I want for next time:  "I've Been a Feminist Since Conception."  Clever!

Some other favorites are below.

(These are mine:  my replica fetus feet (not unlike our son Xavier's feet were when he was born too early) and my "happy feminist pin from my Feminists for Life days")

I borrowed this photo from the New Wave Feminist web site because I LOVE the message and because I was so thrilled to meet Destiny today.  I love badass prolife feminists.

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